Tabasco Brand  

Smoked Chipotle Pepper Sauce



 (Pronounced chee-poht-lay.)

18 January 2004 - To quote from the Tabasco company web site:

It's made from select smoked red jalapeño peppers and has a smooth, rich smoky flavor. And it's our first pepper sauce that you can sprinkle on like a condiment, or really pour on like a steak sauce or marinade!

Pam was making chili and wanted those fine chipotle peppers for the smoking quality they bring. Exceptional taste. They really spark up a chili. Of course the local Foodvilla didn't have any so she came home with this stuff. Oh my God, it was a flavor revolution taking place in my mouth.  This stuff isn't just good, it was sent by the Gods to make mortal men fall to their knees in supplication. Did I mention how good it is?


For the month after our introduction I carried a bottle in my coat pocket. I wanted to introduce it to all my friends, and I wanted to try it on all my favorite foods. (Well, not on the crème brule!)  

I have never actually gotten to the end of a regular Tabasco Sauce bottle. After some time on the shelf it turns brown, the parts separate, and I toss it in favor of a new bottle. As a consequence I only buy small bottles of it. With this stuff I bought the biggest bottle I could find and I'm about half way through already. Just writing this is making me salivate and I have to go get a shot of it.


I like your Tabasco sauce. It's a good flavor, but I don't use it that much. A bit here, a bit there.

This weekend a friend introduced me to your new Chipotle flavored Tabasco sauce. THAT STUFF IS FANTASTIC!! We put it in the chili we were making and then spread it on some potatoes. We put it on the steamed vegetables. I put it on my hand and sucked it off. This is possibly the best new food product (except for Lucerne Peach Ice Cream) that I have found in the last several years.

I went out tonight and bought a bottle for myself. And, I've sent off an email to a bunch of friends telling them to go get their own bottle.

I just thought you should know.



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