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Sent: Friday, July 07, 2000 12:55 PM
To: Tons o Friends

Subject: Something Happened to Me


I am the first to admit that I hate email from people telling me about some life changing event that they just went through. Rites of passage are so personal that one person's doesn't really apply to someone else. Yet here I am writing to tell you about a change in my life that is so substantial, so fundamental, that I have to share it with my closest friends. I promise I won't keep sending you email like this unless my experience so resonates with you that the change happens to you too.

This all started about six weeks ago. I was talking with the guys here at work. We were just kicking back on a break from coding and talking about our lives and things that we've learned. We talked about what was important to us and how we prioritize the things we do with our life force. I'm sure you know how these conversations can range the gamut of topics. Alan was sharing his life's change and how accepting that realization and embracing the change rather than fighting it had opened him up to all new possibilities. He said he felt like a new person. The hurry-up his life had been all changed in that one day.

This all seemed like bull to me - and probably does to you right now. Let me tell you, it's not. It took me six weeks to work through this myself, and just this week I took the plunge. I'm writing to you, hoping to let you in on this too. I looked at a lot of alternatives and found that there was no way to hide from this. You may find in your search that other choices are better for you, but don't give up without trying. 

Run, and I mean RUN, don't walk down to your nearest Circuit City and get yourself a hard disk TV recorder. I got a ReplayTV from Panasonic, and man, my life has changed. Do it now and you'll start loving yourself tomorrow.



2003 Epilog:

Two and a half years later I've upgraded to the new 4000 model and given my parents my old one. They love it! This is still one of the greatest devices I've ever owned. Get one now!



My folks' ReplayTV is still running strong after 6 years of use. But the phone system for getting program updates is slowly collapsing. They used to have a local number that the system would dial-in to each night. But now it has to make a toll call and it's costing them $30 a month. They decided to get one of the "free TiVo" units on sale (or is that on "give away"?) at Radio Shack. Bob and I helped them set it up and they are now very happy with it.


How about that? My Replay just gave up the ghost. I'll have to write that up on another page.


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