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The George W. Bush Administration's

Lies, Prevarications, and Evasions


January 2005 - I've had several things bottled up inside me for a while now. I think it's time to write them down and get them off my chest.

First for the disclosure. I voted for Gore in 2000 and the conclusion of that debacle was unsatisfying. Still, it's done. Secondly, I voted for Kerry in 2004, but this time GWB won by a 3M vote margin. There was a huge voter turn out, so everyone who wanted to vote got to vote - we can't claim that low turnout was the cause of the loss. The third party candidate didn't have any effect - we can't blame Nader for messing up a good election (even though he is a dick). Engineering a 3M vote lead is substantial enough that I call it a win - "fair" and square. While there may have been some shenanigans here and there (perhaps everywhere), I think both sides play that game. (Didn't Daley have dead Democrats voting in the past?). Having said this, I still have some issues with the administration.

My issues are not necessarily with GWB himself. Sure, he isn't the brightest bulb, but he's not the dimmest either. He's smart enough to get elected a second time and to have half the country actually singing his praise. 

I take issue with the fact that his administration indulges in a pattern of outright lies. At times they simply make up facts to suit their position. Then they defend these lies to the end of time. Here are two that are on my mind right now:

2004 December - GWB Lies About Sex

2004 November - GWB Loses Popular Vote


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