Jim Schrempp

Maker Jim: Things

Sure I like to go crazy by working a theme. Maybe an image or shape takes over my mind and I use all kinds of tools to realize it in all kinds of media. Or maybe a process grabs me and I stuff every idea I have through that process; a bit like forced brainstorming.

Yet at times I just make a thing or two because I can. That's what we have here.

The laser cutter offers many possibilities. These coasters are from Baltic birch plywood. I painted the wood first.

Learning to turn wood is not so easy. I can make spindles round, but I wanted to make beads. Here's my tenth attempt. I have a long ways to go.

Angela bought me a Chinoise without a pestle. So I made one. Actually I made three. These two didn't fit but they look cute.

I took some measurements and some more time and as a result this pestle did fit.

Angela's house is an old one. I cooked up a sign using a slab of counter-top plastic from Tap Plastics and the ShopBot CNC router. The v-bits really give a good look to signage.