List Project: CSY

What is this page and why have you found it?  This page is meant for me to find you! 

I've been involved with a web site that lists my ancestors. The site gets visited by people from all over the world who find the site through web search engines.  I wondered if the same thing would work to help me get back in touch with people I haven't seen in a long time.  So, I put together a few pages of the names of people I knew at different times in my life.  If you found this page, I'm hoping that you are one of the people listed here. 

This group is Computer Systems Support Organization at Hewlett Packard, Computer Systems Division. That's the old HP3000.

This link will take you to a picture of the 1991 team.

And here's an even older picture c.1988  (thanks to Mike Kalstein)

If you used to know me, why not email me ... and say hello.

2007: There was an HP3000 retirement party that was well attended.


Lynn Alens, Gary Alvord, Filiberto Arredondo,  Valentin Anders, (Annie Bacon Annie Fisher), Larry Bain, 

Dave Beasley,  Debbie Bennett, Vicky Boles,  Mike Borg, 

Yves Cadieux,  Larry Cargnoni,  Bryan Carroll, 

B. David Cathell, Ming-li Chu, Carl Cicero (a shellback), Cory Cooper, Frank Cravens, Jim Curtis, Simon Cutting,   

John Davalos, Bryan Dean,  Margie DeCastilhos, Fern Denison, Atanu Dey, Gail Duro,    

Scott Eisenberg,  Steve Engstrom,  Rick Erhardt, Louise Fettgather, Rob Fisher,  Donna Fountain,  

Mark Fulgham, Dan Geisler, Donna Gracyk,  Kent Gregory (Sparky), Wendell Griggs, Steve Guthrie,

Julian Hall, Joy Hansen, Jim Hawkins,  Tim Hazen, Brenda Hess, Mike Hess, Doris Hewitt, Chris Hill, Miel Horrilleno, 

June Inouye, Linda Interiano, Sandra Iwamoto, Steve Jacobson, Mike Kalstein, Peter Kane, Rachael Kornblau,  

Debbie Liardet, Amy Lyon,   Mike Lim, Steve Macsisak,    Alex Markovich,  Laura McCarthy,   Julie McClung, 

Maria Molinos ,(Nancy Moffett  Nancy Ofslager),  Mark Muntean,  Steve Pearce, Nathan Pendleton, 

Maria Powery, Winston Prather, Mel Robertson, Gary Robillard, Leland Roys, Marc Schmidt, 

Reynold Schweickhardt, Rachael Schwab, Dan Scollon,

 Kimberly Selby, Jerry Schell, Donna Sidman, Mark Slater, Gil Stanfield, George Stachnik,  Colleen Striberg, 

Ray Terry,  Shannon Thwaite, Jim Tracy, Sharon Tsou,

Cindy Turner,     Mark Uram,  Pam Urauchi,    

(Amy Van Rensselaer Amy Scrivner), Brian Vincik, Rich Webber, (Marie Weston Marielle Weston), 

Rob Williams,   Julie Wing, Danny Wong,  Jim Worsnup,  (Amy Yee Amy Blocher), Bill Young,  Larry Zeitman    


Support in Germany

Gerhard Lindemann,  Alois Hauk,  Uwe Jensen,  Herbert Birthelmer, Klaus Kress 



Pat Adamiak,   Nancy Anderson,     Amy Arnold, Susan Bockus,  Lee Courtney, (Diane Disabatino  Diane Carter) ,

 (Karen Dozier Karen Wolff),  Pam Emery, Clydene Fitch,   Jon Goulden,  Olivier Helleboid,    Dave Hinman,  

Dave Hoover,   Jeff Hornug, Vance Ikezoye,   Sharon Jacobs, Adrienne Kelly, Linda Lazor,  Cathy Lipe, 

Frank McGorman, Dennis Mitrzyk, Carol Olson,   Glenn Osaka,  Renee Osentowski, Louise Otto,   

Todd Richman,  Larry Russell , Rick Simon,   Peggy Stern,      

Trudy Sadler, Tim Shetler, Bob Stamps, Maureen Stuart ,  Stan Tims,

Becky McBride,  Sam Quezada,     Eric Sternberg,   Bob Thomas,   Kathy Vinzant,  Wilson Walsh, 

Kristy Ward,  Bill Walker, Steve Young, Michel Clouthier, David Greene, Kathy Pierson, Lisa Wright, Denise Jasinsky, Denise Lowney, Carol Robertson, Carol Murphy, Carl Evans, Madeline Jow, Dorcas Higashiuchi, Gail Davis, Vicky Brooks, Vicki Symonds, Jamie Brasher, Janice Zdankus, Paul Morgan-Witts, Christophe Jacquet, Kriss Rant, Alex Early, Dave Snow, Rosie Chiovari, George Stachnik, Steve Little, Cathy Fitzgerald, Phiroze Petigura, Dave Wilde, Lisa D'Alessandro, Debbie Nash, Kathryn Young, Donna Fernandez, Doris Hewitt, Ann Sung, Diane Bassett, Catherine Lawson, Mary Ann Gustafson, Todd Hirozawa, Dave Branscome, Elise Farr, Jon Davis, Norm Profitt, Kara Loiacono, Amy Arnold, Andrew Berlinberg, Vince Gritsch, Mark McClain, Patti Zebrowski, David Beckwith, Mark Rosenblum, Kelly Wagg, Christine Froncsak, Joy Hansen, Steve Peck, Wilson Walch (not Walsh), Carolyn Cox, Alison Mark, Paul Nugent  


Chris Barmier,     Alan Groves,    Tia Hatch,   Michelle Hernandez,  Laurie Jednyak,  Karen Scussel,  Doug Spreng,    Bess Stephens,  Brad Maihack, Ray Nunez, John Van Arsdel, Bill Gregorak, Grover Sams


Leslie Bain, Joan  Bodway,      Jeannie Bruins,    Mark Calomeni,   Gail Duro,   Marsha Duro,  Beth Eikenbary, 

Peter Friedenbach,  Jan Grady,  Jessie Hsu ,

Bob Mead, Frank Mendoza,      Pam Miller,    Nancy Missildine,    Janet Morris,   Paul Peterson, 

Gerardo Rodriguez,  Kim Rogers, Louie Runnestrand,    Narinder Sandhu,     Jim Sartain,    Pankaj Shah,  Punkaj Shukla

Pankaj Shukla , Harry Sterling,  Scott Truesdale,     Scott Walecka,   Linley Gwennap, Ann Stein, Dave Beasley, Carlson Kan, Jeri Ann Smith, Lynrene Hirsch, Lynrene Frueh, John Spitzer, Eero Laurila, Steve Bitondo, Cas Caswell



Rick Austin,  Linda Dotson, Andy Ledbetter,   Melissa Martin, Dennis Phelan