Mystery #1

Subject: Hello
Date: 26 Mar 97 13:12:19 PST
From: Katie R.
To: jschrempp

Hey Jim,

How was the big 40th Birthday? How did you like your picture? I hope you
had a blast.

I was wondering if you could put me on your e-mail list for all your
travel journals. Bob sends them to me most of the time but he does
forget at times. I love seeing were your mind is going to go this time.
My address is xxxx.

See you in 57 days.

Katie R.


From: jschrempp
To: Katie R.
Subject: Zev?


I don't have a set dist list, but I mean to include you and I'll try to
remember in the future. Did you check out the latest about Atlanta on
my web site?

My 40th was just great! A total surprise. June had me thinking we were
meeting a friend of hers before heading to another party. Even when
everyone yelled "surprise" it took me a few seconds to realize what was
up. When I saw mom and dad at the place that brought it home.

Thanks for the cookies, they were great. What picture are you talking
about? Who is Zev?


> From: Katie Rosenbrock
> To: jschrempp
> I have no idea who Zev is. The picture is of you when you worked at Tech
> Svs at Cal Poly. We had it blown up to a 5X7 and put in a cool frame. I
> have no idea about the cookies. I didn't bake any.
> I'm glad that you had a great time. I did get a final fitting of my
> wedding dress that weekend. One more wedding thing done with 1,000 to
> go.
> Katie R.

From: jschrempp
To: Katie R

Never saw the picture. We got a sealed shoe box sent FedEx (or was it
UPS?) wrapped in brown paper with your return address. Inside were
chocolate chip cookies and a card to Zev, Campbell-Friedman Hall at
Incline Village, Nevada. The card inside was signed by Kate, Jonathan,
Dad, and Heather. Looks like a St. Patrick's day card. Ring any bells?


Date: 27 Mar 97 23:13:48 PST
From: Katie R.
To: jschrempp

I mailed the package from Mail Boxes Etc. and they got the label mixed
up. The guy was new and I had a feeling that something was going to go
wrong. I sent your package regular mail because we had plenty of time to
get it to you. You will be getting another birthday present in April.
This one will have the label already attached to the box and I will wrap
it myself. At least you had a great surprise. The poor person in Nevada
who had no idea who you were. I am soooo glad that you had a wonderful
time. Talk to you later.